No Climate for Change

Mount Pritchard, 1964
Mount Pritchard, 1964

Responsible environmental action relies on information acceptance and not just knowledge, for more see No climate for change


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  1. Kon Kalos says:

    Paul’s article is a an invaluable contribution to a critical area of human awareness, and even dare I say human consciousness : LANDUSE. Often our responses to land and country are informed by the contraries of apathy or emotive reactiveness. What we are encouraged to do through this thoughtful piece is take a step back and contemplate the future implications that are suggested and admirably supported. I suggest a look at Bill Gammage’s work “The Biggest Estate on Earth : How Aborigines Made Australia” may also further expand the vision of this debate and the transitions it is encouraging us to consider. Transformation is always a difficult path and requires courage to move outside our “mind forged manacles” . I see this as a positive contribution on the path to a more sustainable future. Thank you Paula for having the courage to suggest a way forward. Warm regards Kon Kalos

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