Food and Culture -San Sebastian

We know it:  food is a reflection of culture, our dishes have history in them.  What we put on a plate and what we don’t speaks about the people behind them.

I love the Basque Country and San Sebastian in particular as it is home to me, and as a food activist and I am proud of the amount of food that is grown just about everywhere in small scale orchard and vegetable gardens.  I am also proud of the food culture in San Sebastian, but we live in the age of speed, and developments in culinary trends seem to happen faster than we can keep up with as culture has become a fast changing current of mixing peoples from around the world.  My concern is that tourism is changing what we eat and how we eat it, faster, unfortunately, than what climate change should.

And so I find, from an environmentalist point of view, that whilst we are still eating traditional high impact meals, which is what the tourism industry promotes, the culture behind the food is being ignored.  This I find is a loss to all, and so while we should still enjoy this beautiful destination with the highest rate of Michelin Stars per area in the world, I hope to to bring you a glimpse of its history: to give you a bit more depth into what you bite while you are there!