Australia´s fire fight

Proactive fire prevention strategies

An opportunity to prevent home loss due to bushfire, and adapt to the new reality.

Challenging Authority for fire safety.

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Environmentally responsible action such as removing trees that increase the risk of home loss due to fire, should be promoted by law, not discouraged.  Current NSW legislation limits homeowners efforts to take responsible environmental action by removing trees that endanger their homes and lives and this law needs to be challenged by us.

Reduce the fuel, reduce the risk.

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Fire in the Blue Mountains and the old saying: prevention is better than cure.The other two core actions are ensuring the house is an ember-resistant structure and that householders have a thorough bushfire safety knowledge.  However I here elaborate only on the first, fuel reduction, as this is discouraged by law.  

The forest as the sacred cow.

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A sustainable forest management plan is an important preventative measure against fire destruction.   As such it should include local involvement which is of benefit to the forest and to people.  In Australia locals have no say or harvesting rights in their immediate forest environment.

Fears fires and facts.

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“Humans only have two operating modes: complacency and panic.” Nicole Foss, in a interview by Paul Barclay on Radio National. This is no time for complacency, there is a lot we can do to prevent more bushfire destruction.  

Top down culture and fire..

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It is tempting for us to think of climate change as the main culprit that caused the October Blue Mountains fires in 2013. The climate change protests that followed were directed to government. Yet the best way to address climate change or home loss destruction due to fires is to admit to our own responsibility and power.

A bottom up success story amongst the eucalyptus.

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With a history of fires in Spain, particularly after the introduction of eucalypts in the 19th century there is something to be learned from the success of the locality of Trabada in Spain’s north western region of Galicia.