Climate Change solutions

Take what you have,

do what you can.

Environmental responsibility gives us the freedom money can’t buy.

No climate for Change

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We must face the fact:: as long as we continue to see, and use, land as profit and remain dependent on food that is grown, against all odds in this country, on large scale farming enterprises, the climate change problem will not be addressed.

Our land now, whose problem?

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If we truly want to repair the damage done to the land since the arrival of the British in Australia, we need to re-think the way we view land.  

Wonderful climate solution

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The climate change problem is by all means the greatest opportunity for an overhaul of our lifestyle, we can relearn the simple pleasures of life, and reinvent the future.

Oily food culture

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As we deplete our fossil fuels, we face one of the largest transitions in humankind: from high energy dependence to a significant reduction in energy supply in society.  But a reduction in energy supply is a not a problem, on the contrary, it is the solution to many of the problems of our society relating to our fuel dependency.  

Growing food in your area

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The motivation to work together at our Burns Road Garden has been about making friends, producing food, and leaving an appropriate selection of species for the future. We have planted seven carob trees, five olives, two avocados, two figs, five pomegranates, and one Irish strawberry. 

Conventional farming is not a necessity

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The assumption that conventional farming is a necessity to feed the world should be re-examined. Large scale fuel dependent monocultural farms,  are wasteful, cause land degradation, pollution, and the food produced is never free of pesticide and fertiliser residue.