Educational workshops and tours are available by arrangement.

My home garden and the orchard at the front of my house combine very well as a teaching and demonstration venue. They are part of a closed cycle system where waste is turned into a resource, and where the needs of the system are met within the system. This very productive, attractive, and fire protective edible landscape is an inspiring working example for people wishing to increase their own home food production. Tours can be arranged to suit adults, family groups, and school groups.

Children enjoy learning about the relationship between the elements in the garden in a fun day of role play, and story telling.  They leave with a good understanding of the concept of sustainability and related concepts such as food miles and ecological footprint.  Samples of the educational materials that I have developed for primary and high school children can be viewed here.  The tours and workshops can be very helpful to school garden, school sustainability, environmental education and geography programs.

For more information regarding times for schools and and fees contact me here:

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