Gracias Amescoa!  Gracias Bitori!

Is Amescoa Real? Yes it is!  Is it really true that the people of Amescoa used the land around them as sustenance as it is portrayed in Paula’s book Why this Farm!  Paula recently contacted her Amescoan friend  from childhood, Bitori Garde Otzoa, to make sure her memories were accurate.  She asked Bitori if it is true that Amescoans were self reliant in terms of food? and the answer came back, “How could you forget -the tomatoes, the pumpkin the cheeses, the apples, the capsicums…” the list went on.  Bitori then sent Paula these photos in 2015 to prove that nothing has changed.  People in Amescoa love and are proud of their valley, and she sent Paula these beautiful photos that show how food is growing everywhere around them.  Thank you Bitori!

Para informacion sobre Why this Farm!  ver aqui. 

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