Fruit Fly, –The only thing that works!

This is in my back yard. Fruit can stay safe from possums, birds, and fruit fly if you bag it.  This is an ideal method for a back yard orchard!  Bag early and it works!

Tiny House, Tiny Impact, Tiny Cost…

And a lot of fun!  It’s a handsome little house now.  I have been working at it alone this winter, doing bits here and there, -someone said I couldn’t do it,  and that really got me going!   Now I am pleased to say that I am nearly finished with the rendering.  Two coats of clay-sand-mix over…

The Power of DIY! building

There’s nothing like it!  I love it!  Ok, so I’ve got this small old shed in my backyard, it is a basic timber structure lined with corrugated iron.  It is really not a pleasant place, it is too hot in summer, too cold in winter and dark. And so I thought, wouldn’t it be great if…

Australia Day

Australia Day celebrates the arrival of the British in 1788. I feel fortunate to be here in this land. But lets face it, this was not Terra Nullius, people did live here, many peoples, with different languages, 250 languages and many cultures, this was their land, their country.   And it still is. I am…

Our Land Now Whose Problem?

Understanding the land as sustenance and not as profit, is a characteristic shared by societies that have sustainable food supply systems.  And we may have something to learn from them. See Our Land Now Whose Problem?  

No Climate for Change

Responsible environmental action relies on information acceptance and not just knowledge, for more see No climate for change

On Fire

Bushfire science and basic common sense can save your home.  For more see the new fire series in On Fire.