First time I read Why this Farm!, I thought what a delightful and unique story, a story based on Paula’s own childhood. It presents an ethical dilemma, concerning battery farm chickens.

When read to the students, the beautiful descriptive tones and illustrations took the children on a journey to a small village in Spain. The story is authentic, captivating and engaging.

The students were inspired by Paula and her sisters’ bravery, when they rebelled one night and set the chickens free. They shared the same feelings as the four sisters, yearning for the chickens to have a better life.

Why this Farm! is an exceptional story that validates sustainability and demonstrates that we all need to be more responsible for our food sources.

Pauline Millar, Teacher librarian at Springwood Public School

I’m a primary teacher, going into G1 next year & I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE this story! It’s so lovely & I really like the fact that it is a true story & has photos of the real farm in it. The message it sends is also brilliant & lots to talk about. I can’t wait to read it to my class next year & will be nagging our librarian to get some copies for the library. If you have any more stories that you want to try on  an audience of school kids, I would love to do it.!

Good luck with your future writing & thanks again for a fab story.

Jo Fellowes, Primary School teacher , Melbourne.